1 03 2007

there are too many, too many to post. fantastic scenic shots of rural america, a gem of a find.



1 03 2007

and if you thought yesterday’s link to light-infusion was good. this is way better.

i’m not kidding.


light infusion

28 02 2007

main image

main image

main image

fantastic photoblog – light infusion, based in new york i think, makes me wanna take up photog. gee.

collage is a cool thing

28 02 2007

collages made by mixed media collage artist – michelle caplan

pretty fresh creations.

sky cathedral

26 02 2007

“The previous contexts of the wood fragments are hidden by the fact that everything is painted one color. This takes away their individuality and stresses their new function as part of a larger whole. Nevelson chose black for several reasons. First, she feels that it does not bring up the kinds of associations or moods that other colors can evoke—except for mystery, a quality that she values in her sculpture.”


“sky cathedral” by louise nevelson

25 02 2007


the new way to paint – fast.

a year of mornings

24 02 2007

click on the link 3191 in the blogroll to visit this, just photos upon photos dedicated to capturing each morning.